Report a Stolen or Abandoned Bike

BIKE THIEVES SUCK!   #endbiketheft 

Report a Stolen or Abandoned Bike

The folks at Juneau Rides are passionate about preventing bike theft and YOU can help!

Juneau Rides introduces Project 529 Garage Bicycle Registration. 

The Project 529 Garage Bicycle Registration is based on state-of-the-art smart phone app technology designed by X-Box ceo J Allard.

The Project 529 app allows you to not only register your own bikes, but you can register a friends bike, report a stolen bike or report an abandoned bike.

Cycle Alaska and JPD are proud to announce they are Project 529’s most northern partner and together they have become Alaska’s first official 529 Registration Station.  

Cycle Alaska has bike registration kits and ABUS locks available for for immediate purchase. The Team at Cycle Alaska are eager to assist you year round with your questions regarding Project 529 Registration. Their team can help you locate your bike’s manufacturers serial number, upload photos and help you apply your indestructible 529 Shields.

While Bike Registration on Project 529/Juneau is free, the recommended $10.00 Shield adds an extra layer of rapid bike identification not only within Juneau as a community, but within a state-wide and nation-wide bike and police community. Sometimes the manufacturers serial number is difficult to read or locate. The number associated with the Shield removes all doubt. The cost of the $10.00 Shield remains the same to you wheither you purchase from Amazon, Project 529, Cycle Alaska or at any 529 Bike Registration event.

Join Cycle Alaska and Juneau Rides and JPD today by becoming a member of Juneau’s first 529 Bike Registration Community!

Report a Stolen or Abandoned Bike


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