Volunteer Opportunity: Count Bike Riders and Pedestrians for CBJ!

CBJ Bike Counts, May 2015

Update: there is an additional counting time slot from 12 to 1pm that was accidentally omitted from the original post.

The City and Borough of Juneau is looking for volunteers to help count bikes and pedestrians at intersections throughout the city. The counts will take place next week from May 11th through May 17th. Since the weather has been so good, and the Governor has declared it Bike to Work week in Alaska, there could be quite a few people to count!

The city is looking for counters in the following locations:

Photo: yoavlerman, cc
Photo: yoavlerman, cc
  • Twelfth & Egan
  • 8 Mile Glacier Hwy (separated path, near SE Vet)
  • 3rd St. @ Douglas PO
  • Thane Rd. @ Mt. Roberts St.
  • Thane Rd. @ 3 mile
  • Back Loop @ UAS
  • Riverside & Riverwood
  • Berner’s & Glacier Hwy.
  • Glacier Hwy. & Jordan Ave.
  • S. Franklin/Marine “Y”
  • Anka & Glacier
  • Mendenhall Loop @ Floyd Dryden
  • Mendenhall Mall Rd. at transit stop
  • Glacier Hwy. at Sunset Dr./Riverside Dr.
  • Basin Rd. N. of Eighth
  • Glacier at Auke Bay Post Office

Counting takes place from 6 to 8am, 12 to 1pm, or 4 to 6pm (or 3:30 to 5:30pm if you are counting in front of a school). For each two hour period, you will record all of the bicycles and pedestrians that pass through your intersection. You will need to bring a clipboard, a printed count form and a pen, and you may also want to bring a folding chair, weather appropriate clothing, and something to cover your count sheet if it starts to rain.

Interested in helping out? Contact CBJ Planner Jonathan Lange, jonathan.lange@juneau.org for details or to sign up for a location.

Bicycles don’t count unless we’re counted!

When cities and state DOTs plan for roadway projects and improvements, they rely on traffic data to understand how heavily a road is being used.  But historically, there has been a large information gap between the people using our roads and the people being counted. While local and state roads are used by cars, freight, buses, bicycles and people on foot, the only road use data generally collected by agencies are vehicle counts. Without knowing the number of bicycles or pedestrians using any given street, it is very difficult for those same agencies to justify making any investments to bicycle lanes, sidewalks or paths.

Having good information about how many people are bicycling and walking on Juneau’s roadways helps the city get a better picture of ALL of the people using the roads. We know you’re out there, and we want you to count!

by Sarah Bronstein


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