Preventing bike theft in Juneau

How would you feel if someone stole your bike? First, you might feel like you were in an episode of the “Twilight Zone” – total disbelief, and then you would probably get angry. The feeling of violation is something bicycle theft victims never forget. Even in a small town like Juneau, bike theft is common. …


What is Bike & Ride?

Say you're participating in the Bicycle Commute Challenge, and one morning you bike from your house in the valley to your workplace downtown. It's so sunny and beautiful outside, that you somehow forget to bring your rain gear, even though you're a resident of Juneau, Alaska. Of course, this means that by the time you get off work in the afternoon, it's raining and hailing at the same time with 30-knot winds. Riding in the rain is not an appealing option without the proper gear, so what can you do?