What is Bike & Ride?

Bus in the rain
Photo: gillfoto, cc

Say you’re participating in the Bicycle Commute Challenge, and one morning you bike from your house in the valley to your workplace downtown. It’s so sunny and beautiful outside, that you somehow forget to bring your rain gear, even though you’re a resident of Juneau, Alaska. Of course, this means that by the time you get off work in the afternoon, it’s raining and hailing at the same time with 30-knot winds. Riding in the rain is not an appealing option without the proper gear, so what can you do?

Get on the bus

All of Capital Transit’s buses have a rack on the front that can accommodate up to two bikes. With the exception of the route section between South Franklin and the Federal Building, you can load or unload your bike at any stop, and there’s no extra cost. Here’s how it works:

  1. When the bus pulls up, let the bus driver know you’re going to use the rack.
  2. Pull the rack down from the front of the bus so it’s horizontal to the ground.
  3. Load your bike into one of the slots. Use the outer slot first if it’s empty. There are labels marking which wheel goes on which side.
  4. Pull up the support arm and hook it over the front tire.
  5. Ride the bus.
  6. When you get to your stop, make sure the bus driver knows that you’re going to step in front of the bus to take your bike off the rack!

Capital Transit also has this handy brochure (pdf, 119 KB) on the subject.

More info:

  • Get Around In Juneau: Bike

by Corey McKrill


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