6 Tips For Starting A Bike Everywhere Challenge Team

I became a captain for a Bike Month Challenge team for the first time in 2014. The year before was my first year being part of the Challenge and my first time commuting to work by bicycle. I only became captain because the previous captain was going on vacation for the month. I was really …


As a bicycling legislator, JKT represents

Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins

Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins (a.k.a. JKT) is a representative for the 34th district in the Alaska State House, which encompasses many Southeast Alaska communities including Sitka, Hoonah, Kake, Klawock, and Craig. While the legislature is in session in Juneau, he often commutes to his office by bicycle.

Commuter Profile: John Wright

The electric assist cuts off at about 17 mph so I cruise along a little slower than I did on a regular road bike, but that's okay because now I'm able to tackle over 100 miles a week. I'm convinced these bikes are a great solution for anyone that aspires to ride everyday but doubts their ability to do it.

Commuter Profile: Nancy Peel

Don't worry about the "right gear" or what the weather is doing. Just get whatever bike you have and start riding. You will realize that the weather is never as bad as you thought and that any old bike can be a source of exercise, good health and just plain pleasure in your hectic life.

What is Bike & Ride?

Say you're participating in the Bicycle Commute Challenge, and one morning you bike from your house in the valley to your workplace downtown. It's so sunny and beautiful outside, that you somehow forget to bring your rain gear, even though you're a resident of Juneau, Alaska. Of course, this means that by the time you get off work in the afternoon, it's raining and hailing at the same time with 30-knot winds. Riding in the rain is not an appealing option without the proper gear, so what can you do?