Commuter Profile: Lisa EaganLagerquist

Each week during National Bike Month, we will feature a community member who commutes by bike.

lisa-eaganlagerquist-bike_webName: Lisa EaganLagerquist
Age: 41
Employer: Jensen Yorba Lott, Inc.
Commute distance: 6 miles round-trip
Bike: Univega, Alpine 5.1. (My parents bought it for me in college 21 years ago.)
Trailer: Chariot

If you had to encapsulate bicycling in one word, what would it be?

What do you love most about riding to work?
The exercise and the ever changing view and feel of the water, mountains, sky and air as I ride the bridge over Gastineau Channel into town. Today the water was so calm you could see pollen floating on the top. From the Douglas Highway I was treated to a perfect reflection of Mt. Roberts’ snow covered peak.

Any words of advice for new riders?
Set a date to start, tell all your friends you’re going to do it, and then do it.


One Reply to “Commuter Profile: Lisa EaganLagerquist”

  1. Hey, Lisa. I’m glad you are still using that bike. You look awesome and your comments about the sights on the way to work will make just about anyone want to ride to work. Well, that is if they can tough it out on rainy, cold days….but then you Alaskans tend to be tough.

    Your Mom


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