Commuter Profile: John Wright

Each week during National Bike Month, we will feature a community member who commutes by bike.


Name: John Wright
Age: 48
Employer: State of Alaska
Commute distance: 11 miles each way
Bike: Trek T80+

If you had to encapsulate bicycling in one word, what would it be?

What do you love most about riding to work?
It’s a great transition between work and home.

Any words of advice for new riders?
I saw bicycling as a way to cut down on the gasoline that I burn as well as get more exercise. For a couple of years I tried to ride to work each day in the spring and summer but discovered that I would wear down before the week’s end. I’d find that Thursdays and Fridays could get rough and I would often skip them.

Two years ago, after experiencing a series of odd symptoms, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. So far I’ve been very fortunate as I haven’t experienced a significant loss of mobility. My doctor encouraged me to exercise regularly, but warned that over exerting myself might exasperate the symptoms. I’d been reading up on peddle assist electric bikes even before this news; I have a prominent technology nerd side. I decided not to put it off any longer so I talked with John at Cycle Alaska and he hooked me up with the T80+ model.

My commute is 11 miles each way and the best thing about this bike is that I can use it everyday without feeling worn out. It doesn’t have a throttle so it won’t move without peddling, just like a regular bicycle. But peddling seems to take half the effort. The electric assist cuts off at about 17 mph so I cruise along a little slower than I did on a regular road bike, but that’s okay because now I’m able to tackle over 100 miles a week. I’m convinced these bikes are a great solution for anyone that aspires to ride everyday but doubts their ability to do it.


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