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Register Your Bike for FREE

Bike security is central to a thriving bike friendly city.    

Our goal is to inspire bike owners to get out and ride their bikes, regardless of the weather and secure in the knowledge they are participating in a community wide effort to stop bike theft. 

Join us and protect your bike by  Registering Your Bike Now   Become an integral part of our cycling community!

June 14th, 2017 Juneau Police Department officially partnered with Project 529, a 2014 tech-smart app and data base developed by a Portland Oregon startup team called  529 Garage led by J Allrad CEO of X Box. In January, 2107 529 Garage merged with National Bike Registry becoming the largest and most advanced online bike registry in North America.

J Allrad writes:

“Bike theft in North America is big business. Bike theft operates in every city and generates half a billion dollars in revenue a year. And bike thieves are technically saavy, taking advantage of unregulated online marketplaces like craigslist, and ebay that make it easy and low risk them to make a quick profit on stolen goods.” “In Northern communities like Southeast Alaska, bike thieves are most definately using the ferry system to move bikes out of the cities and even out of the state.”

As an inter-agency task force   …..more to be added…. stay tuned

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