Report a Stolen or Abandoned Bike

The photo above shows a bicycle “chop shop” in the woods in Juneau. Photo courtesy of Juneau Empire.

Report a Stolen or Abandoned Bike

Bike theft is on the rise in Juneau.  As a bike friendly community we need to work together to develop an effective plan to prevent, curb and stop bike theft.

(The picture below shows Aegnus Saya’s bright orange Kona that was stolen from the Glacier Cinama where it was locked during a 2 hour matinee. There is video survilence clip of the thief. Photo credit to Aegnus Saya.)


The volunteers at Juneau Rides are working tirelessly to provide real solutions!  Many of our volunteers have been personally impacted by bike theft and are seeking positive and creative ways to stop bike theft.

We believe bike security is central to a thriving bike friendly city.      

To get started Juneau Rides is currently sponsoring a partnership between the Juneau Police Department (JPD) and Project 529 to provide state-of-the-art phone app technology for fast, hastle-free bike registration and bike theft reporting.  Juneau Rides will be conducting community outreach and bike registration drives at events through out the year.

We are interested in developing a city-wide program with a clear focus on:

  • effective, fast & hastle free registration
  • city-wide bike security
  • timely bike theft reporting
  • and rapid bike recovery

One of the problems JPD faces is a critically “low-to-no” bike registration by the Juneau bike community. When bikes are turned into JPD they have no way of locating the rightful owner. Most of the bikes they see are not registered at all, anywhere. By registering your bike now, or at the time of purchase with Project 529/JPD you are ensuring a fast secure way for JPD to identify your bike back and return it to you.

The cost of your bike should not matter, and bike thieves don’t care. Let’s stop sending bike thieves mixed messages. All bike theft sucks!

Together as a registered community we can stop bike thieves.

Join us at Juneau Rides first event of the year –  a FREE Bike Registration Event on the 4th of July at Savviko Park! We will have many free give-a-aways, free bike maps, free secure bike parking and we will be pleased to show you how to register your bike in under 5 minutes through JPD’s new Project 529 Bike Registration technology.

16266052_1422416874444866_453447302939325122_n.jpgJPD tent.jpg

On the 4th of July, the Juneau Rides Bike Registration Team will help you get started!  We will show you how to register your bike in under 5 minutes FOR FREE! We will help you upload pictures of your bike, include the factory serial number stamped into the frame of the bike, and capture other critical information in order to officially register your bike Register Your Bike

So come down and find our tent at Savviko park on July 4th!

Help us combat bike theft! Register your bike today!

Report a Stolen or Abandoned Bike


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